EAD: Engineering Firm Drives Process Safety

Top 10 Process Safety Consulting/ Service Companies - 2020

Process Safety Management, as its name suggests, comprises norms and regulations to be followed to implement and maintain a safe work environment. The U.S Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has successfully promulgated 14 mandates that every organization need to follow. For the safety culture to grow and flourish, everyone within a company needs to take responsibility for understanding all internal and external threats, safety and security policies and procedures, and maintain an overall safe environment.

The new wave of Industry 4.0 has undoubtedly propelled organizations toward digitization and AI adoption, robotics, and ML, to improve the workflow and processes. But, it has also exposed them to safety threats, unprecedented incidents such as crime, natural disasters, system failures, and the list goes on. Process Safety Management ensures a decrease in the likelihood of any harm or hindrance to the organization and its operations. This is reinstated by including teams with experience, expertise, and understanding, to ensure the right implementation of Process Safety Management programs and meet the intended goals with them.

Every industry vertical, starting from the defense, construction, power plants, medical, to electrical distributors opt for best-of-breed Process Safety Management consultant and service providers to stay abreast of the developments and advances in the industry to facilitate compliance. These further results in efficiency, safety, product quality, and competitive advantage. An expert Process Safety Management service provider married quality with safety to ensure potential benefits to all stakeholders.

This edition of Enterprise Technology Review features companies that are at the forefront of offering process safety management consulting/services. A distinguished panel and Enterprise Technology Review’s editorial board has assessed and shortlisted some of the most prominent organizations in the industry.

We present to you – “Top 10 Process Safety Consulting/ Service Companies – 2020”.

    Top Process Safety Consulting/ Service Companies

  • EAD


    EAD is a trusted advisor in engineering, automation, design and project management solutions. EAD designs with safety as their top priority. The firm primarily serves clients in the food processing, pharmaceutical, and logistics/parcel industries; however, they can perform services at any facility requiring process safety management (PSM) compliance. Unlike many companies that offer process safety consulting services, EAD has an in-house engineering team with expertise in a full range of disciplines, allowing them to provide customized support in process controls integration, industrial construction management, structural engineering, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering, to name just a few specialties


  • ABS Group

    ABS Group

    Safety, risk and integrity management are at the core of what ABS Group does. The firm began providing non-classification marine technical services in 1971. Over the decades, their range of services expanded to support the diverse industrial and government clients that power, fuel and regulate our world. Today, ABS Group provides data-driven risk and reliability solutions and technical services that help their clients confirm the safety, integrity, quality and environmental efficiency of their critical assets and operations. The firm is focused on adding value to the global industries they serve and strategically capturing synergies with ABS



    DEKRA has been ensuring safety since it was founded in 1925. This basic need of people is met by their workforce of more than 45,000 people in over 60 countries on all continents with extensive expertise, wide-ranging services and passionate commitment. The company has a clear and ambitious vision of the future. The firm consists of broad service portfolio with qualified and independent expert services range from vehicle inspection and expert appraisals to claims services, industrial and building inspections, safety consultancy, testing and certification of products and systems, as well as training courses and temporary work

  • ERI Solutions

    ERI Solutions

    Founded in 2007, ERI Solutions is a leading provider of environmental, health & safety, non-destructive testing, sustainability and alternative risk funding solutions. ERI serves various industries including biofuels, diversified agribusiness, manufacturing, milling, petrochemical, construction and distribution. ERI’s mission is to provide professional services to help their clients eliminate avoidable risks and reduce or transfer unavoidable risks of employee injury, liability, property damage and regulatory non-compliance. ERI risk control consultants help their clients realize success by providing a wide array of products and services delivered by highly trained, certified and experienced team members

  • Ingenero


    Ingenero’s Value Proposition is to provide world-class process engineering design taken through construction and then continuous ongoing operational support. Ingenero’s uniqueness as a process engineering and design engineering firm with ongoing operational support provides results unachievable by other engineering firms or by clients themselves. The firm is an ISO 9001-2008 certified engineering group has the express business mandate of delivering focused, high-value added services to the Process Industry. A combination of a highly dedicated, industry skilled team with cutting edge technical tools and expertise along with state-of-art software enables the firm to provide continual plant operations and design engineering support to our clients, customized to meet their goals

  • ioMosaic


    ioMosaic offers integrated process safety and risk management services to help manage and reduce episodic risk. Because when safety, efficiency, and compliance are improved, the client’s can sleep better at night. Our over 300 years of combined industry expertise allows them the flexibility, resources and capabilities to determine what their clients need to reduce and manage episodic risk, maintain compliance and prevent injuries and catastrophic incidents. ioMosaic has expertise in a wide variety of areas, including pressure relief systems design, process safety management, expert litigation support, laboratory services, training and software development

  • Jensen Hughes

    Jensen Hughes

    Jensen Hughes is the leader in safety, security and risk-based engineering and consulting services. Since 1939, the firm has been leaders in developing solutions that protect lives, property and reputation. The firms offers industry-leading service offerings in the company's core areas of fire and building safety, security, forensics, risk and hazards, and emergency management. In addition to their strategic services, Jensen Hughes’ provides a broad range of software solutions and training, including the next generation of risk analysis software products. With more than 1400 engineers, scientists and consultants working in more than 100 countries, they are constantly working to help protect what matters most, no matter where you are

  • MISTRAS Group

    MISTRAS Group

    MISTRAS is a leading "one source"global provider of technology-enabled asset protection solutions used to evaluate the structural integrity of critical energy, industrial and public infrastructure. The firm provides customers with asset life extension, improved productivity and profitability, compliance with government safety and environmental regulations, and enhanced risk management operational decisions. MISTRAS uniquely combines its industry-leading products and technologies - 24/7 on-line monitoring of critical assets; mechanical integrity (MI) and non-destructive testing (NDT) services; destructive testing (DT) services; process and fixed asset engineering and consulting services; and its world class enterprise inspection data management and analysis software (PCMS™) to provide comprehensive and competitive products, systems and services solutions from a single source provider

  • SafetyPro Resources

    SafetyPro Resources

    Helping clients across the country achieve their safety compliance goals, implement proactive safety cultures, and reduce worker injury rates. From OSHA compliant safety compliance audits to ISNetworld© management to third party auditing services, SafetyPro Resources provides a one-stop resource for all your safety needs. The firm offers customized services, so the clients only pay for the services they need and for the time period they are needed. The firms Safety Specialist and Safety Advisors are some of the best in the business. They are well-trained and accustomed to taking the lead when it comes to all aspects of safety training and compliance

  • Smith & Burgess

    Smith & Burgess

    Formed by Dustin Smith and John Burgess in April of 2007, the firm has grown to house over 75+ process safety professionals within our Houston, Philadelphia, and Chicago offices. Smith & Burgess is an industry-leading Process Safety Management (PSM) provider driven to increase process safety by delivering innovative solutions and PSM compliance results. Since opening, Smith & Burgess has become a trusted process safety adviser to the world's leading companies. The firm’s consultants' have combined experience which includes PSM projects at nine of the top ten United States refiners, as well as multiple chemical plants and pharmaceutical sites